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Abdullah Quilliams most famous works are below. New material will be added in the future:

Islamic World

A monthly journal published by Abdullah Quilliam that had world-wide circulation. The journals will be available soon for download.


The Crescent

The Crescent, a weekly record of Islam in England, edited by W.H. Abdullah Quilliam represents Muslims in England between 1893 and 1908. These unique documents are a historic record of the situation of Islam and a growing convert community in British colonial times.

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Faith of Islam

“When we consider that Islamism is so much mixed up with the British Empire, and the many millons of Moslem fellow subjects who live under the same rule, it is very extraordinary that so little should be generally known about this religion, itshistory, and that of its followers ; and consequently the gross ignorance of the masses on the subject allows them to be easily deceived, and their judgment led astray by any pretender striving to raise up an excitement against those of that

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1928 Cairo Speech

(translated from Arabic)
“Dear Brothers, I apologise for not being a competent Arabic language speaker, when my talk tonight is being given to an Arabic audience. This situation reminds me of a speech that I gave in Lagos, when His Majesty Sultan Abdul Hamid II delegated me to attend the presentation of the Sultan Badge of Honour to Mohammed Bey Sheeni in recognition for his overseeing the building of a mosque there, which cost £5,000…

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Passing Thoughts

One hundred wise statements by the Sheikh.
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Fanatics and Fanaticism

“WHEN some years ago I first renounced Christianity and embraced Islam, I found that I was looked upon as a species of monomaniac, and if I endeavoured to induce people to discuss the respective merits of the two religions; I was either laughed at or insulted”…

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Muslim Anthem

“God bless the Muslim cause:

Bless all who keep Thy laws

And do the right.

Uphold the Muslim band,

In this and every land;

Give them full strength to stand

Firm in the fight…

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Poems and songs

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Annals of William Henry Quilliam

The note-book of William Henry Quilliam from 1856-1889…

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